The first version of the company was founded back in 2003. I had come back to Stockholm from London, where I had studied marketing communication and after graduation landed an internship at the global brand consultancy firm Interbrand Ltd. At Interbrand I had been with the corporate branding team where they didn't only had focus on the external brand building process, but also on the internal perspective with the corporate culture and core values on top of the list.
Back in Sweden, I grew my interest in internal brand management and started Basic Identity. I began to include the HR-perspective more in the assignements when helping clients build their brands, in parallell with marketing and communication and the overall business, since the people were a communication channel just as much as a marketing campaign was. I had a mantra, "Live internally what you communicate externally. And secure the internal understanding of the external communication". My interest for the HR-perspective grew and I started to work more and more with internal brand management and that what we today call employer branding. And the rest is history. 


Today, the company has grown into being a senior employer brand adviser, strategic thinker with project management skills within the area of people and culture, leadership, strategic communication and branding. My  work experience covers all sorts of industries, organisations, corporations and sizes. From the small local bakery, to the global player within IT or Engineering. I am still running the business, with a large network of specialist colleagues and friends behind me that I am proud to work with if required. All with the same set of values and passion as I have, ready to collaborate for best possible results.
Beside being an adviser, offering employer brand coaching,  I am also the proud creator and provider of a digital course in strategic employer brand management, and tailored employer brand e-learnings. In 2020 I added "The" to our basic identity and due to an expansion of our product portfolio the company now go under the name "The Basic Identity - Employer Brand Training Hub".


There is no secret that I feel passionate about sustainable employer brands - from it's why and kpi's to the evp. From target marketing to storytelling and the impact a healthy leadership and organisational culture has on the employer brand as well as the other way around. I love to share my knowledge on what employer branding and employee engagement is all about and how to work with it strategically and in practice.
An employer brand is something you have whether you like it or not, employee engagement is based on trust and is something you earn. And since an attractive employer brand is based on its people and culture and on how true and trustworthy the communication is, the work starts within by earning the employees engagement and trust - in order to move from having an employer brand reputation ‚Äúwhether you like it or not‚ÄĚ to an attractive one. And like everything in life you are more likely to succeed if you know the procedure. Know WHY you do what you do, what to do when and how to do it.

In my work I always strive to raise the overall status of employer branding, employee experience and engagement in order to strengthen, not only the employer brand but also the corporate brand and organisational culture. Regardless of the size of the customer assignment, I aim to  help organisations go from storytelling to storydoing, increasing the internal awareness and understanding of true integrated employer branding and its benefits for the whole brand.


I really believe in kindness, the power of teams and in motivating and developing others as well as raising focus on why diversity, inclusion and belonging are crucial factors when creating sustainable employer brands and organisational cultures. Building trust and long-term relationships together with the art of active listening, being humble, responsive and act with pure common sense are other values I truly believe in. 


My mission is to share my knowledge on how to set the right internal conditions for and build sustainable employer brands inside out. To teach what to do; why how, where and when to do it.
I  believe that any company or organisation, small or large, can achieve a healthy and attractive employer brand. 
You just need to know the basics!

Warm regards,