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Online Group Coaching Program in Strategic Employer Branding 


Learn the Method to Build and Sustain an
Attractive Employer Brand. 



Ready to become an attractive employer in the minds of your employees and the talents you need to attract?


Join Employer Brand NavigationÂŽ and learn proven methods for strategies and tactics that differentiate an employer brand from competitors, and conditions that build internal trust and engagement, thereby helping to attract and sustain the RIGHT employees for the organization.

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Hi, I am Malin!

After almost 20 years of working within companies of different sizes, I wanted to share my knowledge on how to create the foundation for an attractive employer brand. To share which steps to take, and which to avoid. Much of the "secret" lies in the structure, and as we all know, it's easier to be creative when you understand the framework you're working within.

With the help of my intuitive  and proven method for creating strategies and tactics, I will teach you, not only why but also how to differentiate your employer brand from competitors.

I would be so honored to see Employer Brand NavigationŽ become your best friend on your employer branding journey, and a tool you come back to over and over again when working to becoming an attractive employer and employer brand. 

Warm welcome! Love, Malin


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Employer Brand NavigationŽ: Building and Sustaining an  Attractive Employer Brand.

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Before I tell you all about this course,
let’s talk about who it's most suitable for!



Employer Brand NavigationÂŽ is perfect for you who work as a professional or have a background in People & Culture, Communications, Talent Acquisition, Marketing, or represent a management team, and want to uppskill your employer branding knowledge.

Maybe in order to:

✔️ Structure the work around employer branding.

✔️ Learn a full method to use when managing an employer brand strategically and in practice on a daily basis.

✔️ Want to apply a more strategic thinking to your practical employer branding efforts, e.g. learn to set goals, how to measure your small or large activities and much more.

✔️ Get a framework EVP development.

✔️ Learn how to to work with target groups and talent group analysis.

✔️ Apply your learnings in a current role or learn a new skill to make a career change.
✔️ Create an employer branding strategy in order to succeed with the internal collaboration around employer branding and get the whole organization involved!


"For years, I struggled to find a structured approach and clear process that I could use in my Employer Brand work. Malin's course gave me a framework for my EB work, and I will now be able to navigate strategic employer brand management and all it includes. I highly recommend this course to all EB specialists and TA partners who feel alone in their strategic work, want to be empowered and need support in elevating their employer branding efforts."

Helga Svensson
People and Culture Manager

Employer Brand Navigation®️ will give you the opportunity to


⭐ Instantly apply the employer brand mindset in the daily work with internal engagement and talent acquisition.

⭐ Get a blue print for the way of working with employer branding, the EVP and for creating a strategy to apply the tactics.

⭐ Learn to differentiate your employer brand from other employers, attract the right talent, and create conditions for making people feel engaged and stay in the organization.

⭐ Understand how to evaluate activities to achieve the desired effect.

⭐ Possess the mindset to align the employer brand function with other functions such as marketing, internal communications, the corporate brand, talent acquisition, and HR for better impact and reach of common goals.

⭐ Get empowered and confident in the full employer brand cycle, from highlighting pre-conditions and mapping target groups to creating an EVP, incorporating core values, deciding on messages, channels, budgets, and measurement.

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Improved Talent Attraction and increased Employee Engagement?

Join Employer Brand NavigationÂŽ and learn how to uplevel your internal engagement and external attraction through Employer Brand Management!

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  • 9 live online group coaching sessions with me of 1.5 hours each, over the duration of 8 weeks.
  • 8 training modules for independent self-studies.
  • 19 lessons with strategic and tactical coursework.
  • Resource library and toolbox (cases, manuals, and templates).
  • 6 months of full on-demand access to the platform.
  • Online employer brand community.
  • Course certificate (after course completion).
  • A comprehensive manual (blueprint) for how to create an employer brand strategy that can be used over and over again.


Learn the process of bringing your employer brand to life,
and give your organisation the best conditions to create a healthy work environment! 

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Online Group Coaching Program in Strategic Employer Branding 


Learn the Method behind Building and Sustaining an
Attractive Employer Brand. 



"It was a ple
asure to work with Malin. She has the unique ability to transform insights from different areas and units into actionable recommendations and concrete plans, and also the expertise and skills necessary to lead a complex project and make it understandable."

Marina NordĂŠn
Communications Manager, Boliden Smelters

So, what will you have learned after the program?

When finished, you will have...


identified your why 

meaning why you need an attractive employer brand? From the business purpose and goals, to the budget and the measurement, internally and externally. And a structure for the internal collaboration!

identified who you need 

to attract, recruit and engage to meet you business needs. How to get to know these talent groups, their desires and drivers and map the employee journey. 

crafted a clear message

of what to communicate to employees, candidates and the market, in order to nail the talents you want. Based on your core values and/or EVP. 

decided how to show your brand

to make an impact in the minds of your talent groups. And packaged the messages into communication content.


identified where to communicate

to reach and meet the talent groups, internally and externally. Where, in which channels, do we send our messages in order to find them? 

established when to communicate

to get the attention you seek from the desired talent groups. And how to strategically plan the content activation, internally and externally. 

learned to follow up and review

to evaluate the work, and tweak the strategy and actions. For continuing insights and anual learnings. Based on the desicions in Module 1. 

gotten a Resource Library & Toolbox

to use during the course or download for future reference. Here you'll find cases, manuals, templates, FAQs and other resources. 


"It is a true pleasure to work together with Malin! It is so obvious that she has a passion for what she does. That, together with her deep knowledge, broad experience and a very good ability to listen and understand!

Anna Attefall
Consultant Manager, Happi Hacking


Questions & Answers

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Employer Brand NavigationÂŽ: Building an Attractive Employer Brand.

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My personal facilitation promise to you💛

Learning a new or deeper skill takes courage. So I strongly believe in fostering a happy, kind, and safe space for learning and growth.
Therefore, my aim is to create a supportive and harmonious environment where you feel empowered to learn and grow, without any pressure or judgment. 

Employer Brand Navigation®️ is crafted from a holistic perspective and designed with an attentive, engaged and personal approach in mind.
I promise to always strive to ensure that you, as a participant, feel seen, heard, and supported in your development, despite being on a digital platform and working independently.

Born from a deep passion for employer, corporate, and organizational brand management, I've designed this course to share my insights on how to establish a solid foundation for daily employer branding efforts, both internally and externally, and to ensure internal alignment and quality in your talent acquisition.

Through my professional work, I have had the opportunity to meet some brilliant people and be part of some amazing organizations, both as an employee and as a consultant, mentor, and in various projects and setups.

Throughout my twenty-year journey with employer branding I've gained invaluable experience, and I am passionate about passing this knowledge on to others.

Alongside my everyday work, I've had the privilege of serving as a jury member for Employer Branding awards, conducting workshops, attending podcasts, and engaging in collaborative forums with experts in HR, Organizational Development, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Strategic Communication, and Branding.

Now, I'm excited to pass on the fundamentals of my insights to you, through Employer Brand NavigationÂŽ so you can take the next step on your employer branding journey! Love, Malin

I'm ready, let's do this Malin!